Disease Effects
Module eigengene association for each disorder. Linear regression beta value is displayed for each disorder.

(*) FDR < 0.05
() nominal p < 0.05; FDR N.S.

Cell-Type Enrichment
Module enrichment of cell-type specific marker genes (FDR-corrected, Fisher’s exact test)

Two datasets were used:
- Combined Darmanis 2015 and Lake 2016
- Lake 2017 combined w/ newly generated single-cell RNA-Seq from adult human postmortem brain tissue by PsychENCODE (PEC)

Polygenic Risk Scores
Module enrichment of Polygenic Risk Scores (PRS) for each disorder using GWAS summary statistics

(*) nominal p < 0.05; FDR N.S.

GO Categories
Enrichment of gene ontology (GO) terms by gProfileR for each gene/isoform module. The top 10 most highly enriched terms are displayed for each module.

GWAS Enrichment
Module enrichment of GWAS SNP-heritability in each disorder among gene/isoform modules using stratified LD-score regression (sLDSR)

Eigengene Expression
Brain developmental expression trajectories in each disorder

Plot shows expression as a function of age (years post-conception). Colored lines represent mean trajectory across disorders.